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"Nel film ‘The Museum of Wonders’ alla poesia delle immagini si accompagna la musica di Kristian Sensini, in un matrimonio perfetto di capacità di discernimento ed emozione senza regole". D. Cristopharo Director

"Kristian is a focused professional that never loses the opportunity to push the limit one step beyond. We collaborated on a lot of projects and it’s a pleasure to work with him. Recently we estabilished a partnership for the creation of a learning center for computer music and production. Working with him means always success! Good luck for the future, my friend!"                    Cristiano Orlandi (CEOWinitalia)

"Kristian is an excellent flautist and arranger. He can absolutely add something more to your productions or start from nothing and create an excellent sound in his persnal recording studio. He’s passionate and professional in his work, reliable and committed. I highly recommend Kristian for your music projects."

November 20, 2008                   Carlo Gargioni (CEO at CGM produzioni)

"I completely enjoy working with you and the quality of the tracks we receive.  Plus the professional approach and edits made as requested. I hope to work with you again soon."

January 2009          Phil Heerema Director of  Grandstand Show Canada

"Per quanto riguarda le registrazioni effettuate nel  keyestudios posso dire che sono molto soddisfatto, efficente professionalita’ e serieta’ oltre alla qualita’ di saper concretizzare le proprie richieste." Daniele Liverotti

"Indubbiamente uno dei pochissimi siti in Italia in cui il musical non e’ la mera esatta equazione di JCS, Grease e NDDP, per fortuna c’e’ molto di piu’ ed e’ un piacere trovare in questo sito songs di classe e un po’ d’elite.La qualita’ dei lavori prodotti la ritengo sempre all’altezza ed al passo con i tempi, suoni e tecnologie esistenti! I piccoli dettagli negli arrangiamenti fanno grande una canzone!"               Maurizio Purifico

"I listened to the film music samples. By far the best for me was the Rivendell one it has personality, and a good melody."                                              Rolfe Kent (Film Music Composer)

"Your music works very well. You use of orchestral sounds is good. I especially like the Lord of the Rings track."

Guy Gross (Film Music Composer)

"I was visiting your site and had a listen into some of your tracks and i am very amazed from what i have heard,because you are a very talented artist !! it would be a nice think when we find the possibility maybe to collaborate with eachother sometimes… will be a very coll album i think !"                                   Amir Baghiri (Composer)

"…The twelve tracks show his excellent command of the instrument, both for the effects and for the arrangement choice…Kristian has got a good ability to create emotional environments, so he could be suited to compose soundtracks or at least music for images."

Review of  "No Drugs or Nuclear weapons allowed inside" by "Metal Shock"

"Sounds from Middle Earth_ is an eclectic work, embracing a variety of musical styles to evoke selected sites along the cursus of the trilogy. Although some of the pieces strive for an ?orchestral? sound through recourse to electronically generated analogues, Sensini is most successful when he makes a virtue of simplicity, concentrating on the gradual, unadorned development of melodies. The result is a meditative journey that gently invites the listener to participate in the imaginative process. Sensini’s minimalism is also effective when he introduces ambient background noise, which adds an appropriately unnerving feel to his ?One Ring? theme. The same can be said of ?Mordor,? an entirely percussive piece featuring an eerie electronic reverberation that sounds like it came from a John Carpenter soundtrack. With ?Lothlorien? Sensini takes an unexpected turn to world music, with ethnic drums and other interesting acoustical accompaniment to his flute baseline. My first reaction to this was ?That doesn’t sound like Lothlorien.? Then I reconsidered: At least it doesn’t sound like every _other_ synthesizer-laden Lothlorien song I’ve ever heard! Sensini’s originality turned out to be quite refreshing."
"Beyond Bree" Tolkien Fanzine

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